Saturday, August 1, 2020

2020 July Dividend Income

Time is flying ,world is different ,Hope we get the treatment/vaccine soon. July is in books.
Overall 20 Companies paid me dividends this month ,From companies that paid me dividends in April
CXW completely Cut dividends and VTR and Fundrise reduced by  $25 each .

Overall dividends received in July are 416.32 which is a new record for the month of July Since i started tracking my dividends.

Compared to my 2019 July this is 13% increase with all these cuts.
JPM/CINF Are new additions to the portfolio.

July Month Comparison over the Years.

2020 Dividends.
Before the Pandemic i hoped to receive 11k  in dividends with increases,new addition of funds .
So Far i am at 42% of the Goal with 5 more Months to Go and i am starting to think it will be stretch Goal .

Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Investment activity slowed  down in my account . Still adding some shares here and there.

Run Date Action Symbol Quantity Price ($)
 07/10/2020  YOU BOUGHT GENERAL DYNAMICS CORP COM USD1.00 (GD) (Cash)  GD 1 140
 07/10/2020  YOU BOUGHT LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP COM USD1.00 (LMT) (Cash)  LMT 1 344.38
 06/26/2020  YOU BOUGHT DISCOVER FINL SVCS (DFS) (Cash)  DFS 2 49.44

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

June Dividends

I have received the following dividends for the month of June.
Total Dividends  Received for the month of June is 1215 .Its an increase compared to last year.

Looking at the last few years  after peaking in June 2018 ,dividends are down for the month of June.

2020 Dividend Goal.
This year i aimed  for 11K in dividends before the pandemic and cuts ,So far i received $4200 in dividends  ,lets see where i will land.

Stay Safe