Sunday, September 11, 2016 and Amex 20 off 50

Currently there is  really good deal for those who have amex cards with 20 off 50 offer on them .
Get a referral from existing user you will get $15 in  you can get 65 dollars worth of stuff for 30 after amex credit.
it can become better if  your a IBOTTA user, there is 15% cashback on the app.

so the deal looks like this buy 65 dollars worth of anything on the website   you will get it for close to 21 dollars.
 65 -(15 referral credit)-20 amex-10(ibotta credit.) =$20

sample deal
 buy 2   pamper swaddlers @41.99 after all credit you get close to 300 diapers for $44.

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