Sunday, April 30, 2017


Month 4 is in books already for the year 2017.It was pretty Busy, Hectic Month.Taxes needed to filed ,this is the first time i think i filed taxes in April and almost on the last day of the deadline.Hopefully Next year i will file it early.I am happy i  am getting good refund,for this year need to adjust to maximize the deductions.

Due to loyal3 closing down i sold Some of my positions like KSS,YUMC,YUM,AXP and Moving remaining positions into my scottrade account.

This month 11 Companies and Fundrise paid me dividend a total of $194.64

Date   Company Dividend
4/3/2017 TIS 0.7
4/3/2017 KO 7.94
4/3/2017 WMT 8.43
4/5/2017 BCS 10.01
4/7/2017 AGNC 2.73
4/14/2017 STWD 53.28
4/17/2017 O 5.28
4/17/2017 CXW 21.42
4/25/2017 DG 2.6
4/26/2017 CSCO 14.79
27-Apr BNS 28.02


Just for comparison my last 3 years dividends.Compared to last my dividend increased by 47%.
So how did you guys do April.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


With loyal3 closing free trading,i decided to close completely one of my account and roundup shares in other account to transfer.
so here are the Buys.



I Think  i have some losses less than $100 on these sells.But didnt want to transfer ,so sold them all.With This i complete eliminated YUM ,KSS positions from my account.


Website Moved

I am in the process of changing Hosts for my website and moved to Wordpress.

Monday, April 24, 2017

First blog post

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