Tuesday, July 3, 2018

June Dividend Report

Month 6 is in books and Half year is gone. This month  has been a record for me .For the first Time  since i started Tracking  my dividend income , i never got 2K in a month.

Thing to remember is now i started combining all the dividends received.

Over 25 Companies  have paid dividend  to me this month. The total Received this month is $2035.

Since last month i started DRIPPING all dividends into their stocks in all accounts.



So overall it has been a good Month  and i see the fruits of the last few years .Dividends are slowly rolling in without lot of new Funds.

Compared to 2017  you can see dividends increased by 40%. I think mostly the increase came from new funds and some of it from increases in existing stocks.



My biggest Dividend payer for this month is Rergx with $894.

I hope our Dividend Community  have big numbers for this Month.

Ready to read all of dividend income reports.


  1. Good job. Those are very big numbers. Glad you decided to show those. My retirement account is a TSP which doesn’t pay dividends but keeps going up. It’s performed well since I left military service. Keep it up

  2. Yes,finally felt comfortable to share

  3. Desi - Incredible month! Congrats on crossing the two digit dividend income month. On top of that, the dividend growth rate you realized was very strong. Keep up the great work. Thats how you finish off the first half of the year with momentum!


  4. Thanks Bert,As mentioned before you guys ,along with other fine folks in DGI inspired us.

  5. An incredible month you had! A 40% YOY growth is extremely impressive. Congrats!

  6. Thanks tawcan, Hope it continues to improve like this.

  7. Congrats on the double-digit increase from last year. 40% is a very respectable number and getting $2k in dividends in one month is Huge. I barely broke the $1k mark for a whole year, but you got twice as much in one month. Amazing.

  8. Congrats on a $2K month. Wow! And a 40% year over year increase. Gotta love that! :) Keep it up! :D

  9. Thanks man, this month is anamoly

  10. Congrats for over $2000 dividend income in single month. You made double the size I made in June 2018, which was my record high month..

    Keep it up

  11. FJ,you will get there , my quarter end months are little high,but its around $300 or so remaining months.