Thursday, March 29, 2018

Q1 Final Buy -AGNC

Just before the end of the Quarter i added few more share of AGNC in my account.
This yield rate is very high 11.42% I added 17 shares of AGNC.
This will add another $36.72 in my annual fund.These shares were brought by dividends accumulated in the rollover account.
As this a monthly Dividend payer and with my existing shares i will add half a share each month.
I will keep it that way for now.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Recent Investment --D

I picked Up D Again this is the second time i am buying.Now i can average my price down . Currently this is has been down since i bought.Also this is the pick of the DGI community now.

I picked up 12 shares of D at 68.09 for a total of 817.11 ,with this the total number of shares in D went to 22 and now my average price went down from $78.22 to $72.69 . This will add another $40 to my annual dividend fund.

What have you been picking up?

Friday, March 23, 2018


This week i bought following shares.No new funds are invested currently.
2 shares of VTR @ 48.75 this will give me a dividend of 6.32.This is the first purchase in my new Tdameritrade account,as scottrade merged with them.So i was given 20 Free trades for 2 months.

6 Dollars will be added my annual fund.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Recent Buy --CVS

I have been watching CVS for Few days and now that it went almost 3 years low price,i decided to average down my earlier prize from 72 to lower.
So this morning i bought 6 shares of CVS for $380.74 .This will add another $12 to my annual dividend Fund.
This bought My average price to to $67.82.Now total shares i own is 10.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

March 401K Purchases

I have made following Purchases in with my last 1 paystub. I have increased my contribution percentage,so that i can max out Quickly.

VFIAX: 1.122 Shares at $249.89 will add close to 4.9 dollars in dividend

PABGX: .9129 share @102.69 will add close to 2.3 dollars in dividend.

VIMAX: 0.4887 Share @ 191.82 will add around 1.2 dollars in dividends.

VSIAX: 3.36 shares @ 55.76 will add another $ 3.4 in dividends.

VTMGX: 19.8 shares @14.18 will add another $7.6 in dividends.

A total of $937 invested in 401k and it will result in $20 dividends to Annual Fund.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

February Dividend Report

Month 2 is in books and this was a busy month for me.I finally closed my first house and became a home owner and got Mortgage. 13 Companies paid me dividend this month to me. Total Dividends received this month are $249.27.
Compared to 2017 Feb it increased by 21%.
fe some of the increase in dividends is from companies raising dividends.

Here are the 13 companies that paid dividends to me.

How did you guys do this month.

Friday, March 2, 2018

March BUY- AFL

Month of March started with a Buy for me.I purchased AFL .I made this purchase in IRA account.I don't have a insurance stock in My portfolio. I have been waiting to buy for sometime and now the stock is about to split 2:1 I decided to buy it.And possibly my first limit order purchase.

10 shares of AFL at 88.00 for a total of 880 and 4.95 in commission.

This will add $20 to my annual Dividend fund.