Thursday, December 17, 2020

Expired options -Covered calls SPCE,ASPS.

 Since I Acquired  100 shares of SPCE  in February of this year at $38.05 I started writing covered calls  to recover the capital and always write the call out of the money ,so that i wont lose the shares , now this yields low option price and I am ok with that.

So Far I wrote  16 covered calls either weekly or biweekly if the option price is low. 3 times I bought my call back so that I can write an expensive call this costed me total of $16. This way I recovered $654.

You can see my current call expires next Thursday .Only last week when SPCE rallied all the way to $35.73 ,that was only close one.

ASPS: This is another one i have been writing monthly calls ,as there is not much activity on weekly calls.

Now this one is interesting ,as my latest call is almost in the money and it seems to be certain to get called away .I am Ok with it being called away also. As my average share price is less than $10.Now if it doesn`t get called ,will be writing $15 Call as that seems to fetch more money.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Non Dividend Payers in My account.

 Even though most of my stocks pay dividends ,i have some that doesn't pay dividend .All these are small positions , With 1 share in amazon to 100 shares in ASPS. These are less than 8% of my portfolio.



Dis(since they stopped paying)








Do you guys have any Positions that doesn't pay dividends .

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Dividend Increases

 So Early  this year many dividend cuts, I stopped following the increases in early june  as they were very few here and there in my portfolio. Now almost at the end of the year, I went back  till June to check how many increases i had how much impact it had on my account.

So i had 11 increases in my account adding up to $75 to my dividends. ABBV had the biggest impact.

Overall this year I  had $173 added in dividend increases  for my account. My portfolio yield is around 2.2%  This mean like new capital like 7k in capital.

SymbolDividend Hike

So how did you Guys do with increases.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

2020 November Dividend Report

 One more month in books and we are almost at the end of the year. What a strange year, no one  expected  to be this kind of year with pandemic and huge fall in stock market and rise again.

I have received $543 in dividends for the month of November ,Almost like $17 every day of the month.

Compared to previous November its up 21% .Slowly more months are crossing the threshold of $500 .

So far out of the 11 months  6 months crossed  500 and 3 months crossed 1000 in dividends.

For this month T  and AAPL are the biggest payers for me.

2020 Dividend Goals: 

 I had a goal of 11k in dividends received  and with this month payments I received  7.4k in dividends . 
For December I need to receive 3600 in dividends  ,for comparison last year I received  2.6K dividends in December 2019   I need 33% increase over  last year.

How did you Guys do for November?

Monday, November 16, 2020

Buys ---MMM,CVS,MA

 Recently added MMM and few others to average out the position 

Total of 1800 was spent in   these purchases .These will add another $60 to dividends if there are no Cuts.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

October Dividend Income

 One more month is completed and we are less than 2 months from New Year. This month I received  over $400 in dividends.I have been slowly building position in MO.

Compared  to 2019 October it is up by 26%.Even with dividend Cuts in few companies.


2020 Goal: I had a goal of 11K in dividends for 2020 and  so far I am at 62% of the goal. If  I receive similar income as last for the last 2 months I will be at 10k. It will be interesting to see.

How did you guys do.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Recent Buys

 I have been very slow in adding new funds to my trading accounts other than dividend reinvestments.

Here are some of the stocks that i added  ,all of them are existing positions.

A total of $485 are added these past few weeks. Mostly trying to average down positions.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

September 2020 Dividends

 Q3 Completed  and I have received over $1300 in dividends from Multiple companies  .

Again New record for September even with  dividend cuts in WFC .

Biggest Payers  are DFS,LMT,GILD from stocks and VMCPX from Funds.


Compared to 2019 September  my dividends went up by 14% which is lot better than decrease.

Looking back its good to see the growth in the dividends reaching 4 digits in 2019 and continuing 2020.

September Dividends

2020 Goal: 

I had a goal 11K in dividends for this year, so far i collected 58% of the Goal .It will be difficult unless i add some huge amount of new funds .Lets see where i will end.


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Expired options

 Slowly I have been dipping into Options and  sold my first covered calls for AAPL  starting from September after the split.

Sold one more covered call for $15 ASPS with October 16 ,2020 expiration for $50,this brought  my average down to 9.03.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Recent Buys ----MO,BNS

 I have been on slow down for buys. Some of  my buys are CSCO,BNS,MO.

Monday, September 7, 2020

August Dividends

 August  month 8 is in Books and  time is flying even quicker. I have received dividends from 21 companies this month across my accounts.

I received $502 in dividends this month and its a new record for me for the month of august even with big cuts in WFC. Compared to last August  its an increase of 16%. With AAPL/T/CAT being the biggest payers.

As seen it has been good growth for the last few years .

I crossed 5K dividends with this month dividends.I had a Goal of 11K Dividends for this year and with all these cuts it will be a tough ask,as of this month i reached 46% of goal. If i received same amount of dividends for the last 4 months i will be  9.7K.  

Hope Everyone had a good August.