Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Recent Buys --JNJ,VZ

Recently U have been adding JNJ and VZ in my  accounts ,I was inspired by dividend diplomats of adding JNJ each week. I will try to do the same  and these are my existing positions.

These Purchases will add another $32 in dividends to my account.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

2021 July Options Income report.

 I had quiet month for  options  for  July. This month i was mostly playing the AMC and PLTR.

I got AMC put assigned for me at$45. Total options income for the month of July was $424,bulk of it came from AMC.

DateCallOption PremiumNotes
7/2/2021AMC 7/16/2021 PUT $45.00305
7/2/2021AMC 07/2/2021 Put $48.00-3Buy back
19-JulAMC 07/23/2021Call $4938
27-JulPLTR 08/20/2021 Call $26.5016
26-JulAMC 7/30/2021 PUT $49.5068

 So far in 2021 i had collected close to 2400 in options income  .


Goal is to collect 3600 for the year .

Monday, August 9, 2021

2021 July Dividend Report

 One more Month in books and this year is running off quickly .This month Dividend crossed $600 due    to special dividend  from TROW. I received a total of $617 in dividends for this month, setting up       new  record for the month of July .It Jumped directly to 600 from 400 skipping 500 record.

Compared to 2020 July my dividends increased by 48%.


2021 Dividend Goal: I am at 56% of my Goal of 11K in dividends , so it looks like it might be very close to the goal .