Monday, June 28, 2021

Recent Buy BMY

 Few weeks ago initiated a position in BMY, and  added some more shares to it recently. This  Brought me to closer to 50 shares .

This will add another $33.32 in dividends.

Monday, June 21, 2021

2021 Expired May Options

 May Month was very eventful  for options  for me.

I received $154 in options income . This month i had 2 AMC Calls pulled away and 1 AMC put assigned and I had to buy back one of my Call Back at  loss.

DateCallOption PremiumNotes
5/3/2021PLTR 05/14/2021 Call $2540
5/3/2021AMC 05/14/2021 Call $1234Called Away
5/3/2021T 05/14/2021 Call $32.507
5/17/2021AMC 05/21/2021 Put $13.00108
5/17/2021PLTR 05/28/2021 Call $256
5/5/2021SOS 05/21/2021 Call $6.0010
5/24/2021AMC 05/28/2021 Call $14.5035called Away
5/24/2021SPCE 5/28/2021 Call $29.541
5/24/2021T 05/28/2021 Call $314
5/28/2021SPCE 5/28/2021 Call $29.5-180Bought Back
5/28/2021SPCE 6/4/2021 Call $4139
5/28/2021SOS 06/11/2021 Call $5.510

Total Options income received this Year is 1449.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Recent Buy -GD,BMY & SELL- AMC

 Earlier this year I took a speculative position  in AMC  ,was expecting a similar ride like GME and in last two weeks it came to fruition .

I sold 55% of my AMC Position to grab my Regular dividend Paying stocks. 

With the profits  and capital from that sale I invested in BMY a new position in my account and added 3.78 shares of GD to bring that position close to 25 shares.

These new purchases will add another $86 to my account and i invested around $3k for a yield of 2.9%.


Monday, June 7, 2021

2021 May Dividend Report.

 Month 5 is in  Books and this month i received more than $500  in dividends.

T is one of the bigger payer and coming close second  is AAPL.

This may change as T announced some changes  starting early next year.

This year May dividends are less than 2020. Due to changes  in my portfolio that i made last year.

I sold out RY/BMO  position and re-added small RY position . GD position increased.

2021 Dividend Goal: Total dividends received  so far in 2021 are close to 3300 and its like 30% of my goal of 11k for this year.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

AMC covered call Option.

 As mentioned in other post i was assigned  AMC put at effective price of $11.92 after deducting premium. and I immediately sold a covered call for  for $14.5 when the AMC share price was $12 something . If you have seen my Monthly options posts I have been playing AMC weekly.

Finally as seen by everyone  my AMC call got called away after huge price increase in AMC. I was thinking of buying Back at some point but then it became too much like 2k to buy back my option. I let it go as i already Bought SPCE call back for $180.

So with small gain and after collecting premiums on Both calls i  made close $293.