Tuesday, June 26, 2018


This month is seeing a lot of action in my account . For this Buy no New Funds were added.All the dividends collected in last few months in this account are used to Buy  the stock.

23 Shares of NLY at the rate of 10.65 and 4.95 in commision. This will add another $27.6 to my account.



Thursday, June 21, 2018


This month of June is becoming a busy month for me with new funds investing and  quite a bit of Buy activity.With SBUX dropping more than 10% ,i bought  23 shares of SBUX  to reduce average cost of the share.It was not big position in my account .Earlier i had 26 shares of SBUX at average price of $57.22 .

23 shares at $51.2 for a total of 1179. SBUX recently increased their dividend from 0.30 to 0.36  for an increase of 20%. With the New purchase i will add another $33.12 to my Annual Fund.

I have noticed one other dividend investor loading up on SBUX.



Saturday, June 16, 2018

Recent Purchases T,MSFT,JNJ

With the news of ATT merger approval ,we saw ATT dropped down significantly and this created some buying opportunity and I decided to add few more shares of T into my account . I added 15 shares of T into my account .You might noticed i keep adding T into my account.

15 shares at 32.41 for total of 486.15. This will add another 30 dollars to my annual dividend Fund.

Bought 0.067 MSFT @ 100.8883
Bought 0.109 JNJ @ 123.5069

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

TGT Dividend Increase

TGT Announced dividend hike of 3.2% from $0.62 to $0.64  .This increase will add another $1.16 to my annual fund.Nice to see increases.It looks like this is the 47th year of dividend increases for Target.


Monday, June 11, 2018

Recent Buys T,PG

If you have noticed recently ,most of my funds are being diverted to 401K.I am still adding shares from Drip and some addition of funds.

In last few days i bought  following shares .

3 Shares of T at average of $33.3  .This will add $6 to my annual Fund.

1 Share of PG at average of $73.94 and this already my average price and will add another $2.84

Overall without new funds,i was able to use my dividends and add another $8.84 For the annual Fund.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

May Dividend Report

Once again the favorite time of the month when we start to report the previous months dividend reports. 13 Companies have paid me dividends in the month of May.

With the completion of this month i have $1992 in dividends so far this includes both retirements and regular accounts. For the first time my projections for Annual Dividend income crossed 8K. Lets see where  we end the year.


Compared to May 17 this year i am up by 21%  .


My top 3 Dividend Payers for this month are AAPL,T,CAT with 56% contribution to my monthly dividend income.

So how did you guys do in my dividend Family.