Saturday, June 16, 2018

Recent Purchases T,MSFT,JNJ

With the news of ATT merger approval ,we saw ATT dropped down significantly and this created some buying opportunity and I decided to add few more shares of T into my account . I added 15 shares of T into my account .You might noticed i keep adding T into my account.

15 shares at 32.41 for total of 486.15. This will add another 30 dollars to my annual dividend Fund.

Bought 0.067 MSFT @ 100.8883
Bought 0.109 JNJ @ 123.5069


  1. Nice, keep adding fuel to your dividend motor! Good job!


  2. Thanks DI,i am doing my best to input more fuel

  3. You certainly did a good job. T is very attractively priced at the moment. I’m about 10% down with these trading prices. I already have a big position in T as a percentage of my total portfolio. So I’m holding back on this one. I’m looking at GIS, JNJ, KMB and some REITs. Good luck with investing!

  4. Nice buys. All three companies are very quality. As you know I recently picked up some T myself. Lots of dividend income added to both of our portfolios. Keep those buys up!

  5. I am trying to double my position in T,not sure if i would put more Money in JNJ,always interested in KMB