Monday, July 11, 2022

2022 June Dividends

 Q2 is in books and june month is done .I have received $2152  in dividends. This is $100 less than Q2 2021.

One of the reason dividends  are less  compared to 2021 is the payout from RERGX fund,last year it contributed  close to $850 and this year its $63.Now I rebalanced  the position,still the  dividends are less.Excluding RERGX,I had good increases and with special dividend from LYB.

2022 Dividend Goal:

My goal for this year was 14000 in dividends  and I am at 46% of the goal.This seems to be interesting  as half of the year completed and I am 46%. Need a bumper second half of the year to make it.