Monday, September 7, 2020

August Dividends

 August  month 8 is in Books and  time is flying even quicker. I have received dividends from 21 companies this month across my accounts.

I received $502 in dividends this month and its a new record for me for the month of august even with big cuts in WFC. Compared to last August  its an increase of 16%. With AAPL/T/CAT being the biggest payers.

As seen it has been good growth for the last few years .

I crossed 5K dividends with this month dividends.I had a Goal of 11K Dividends for this year and with all these cuts it will be a tough ask,as of this month i reached 46% of goal. If i received same amount of dividends for the last 4 months i will be  9.7K.  

Hope Everyone had a good August.


  1. I hear you about that WFC cut. Stings. My WFC payment was made in Sept. Interesting your got yours in Aug. You still brought in a nice amount for the month and happy to see we share many names too.

  2. What i noticed is i have WFC in robinhood and Fidelity ,one of them posts early and other late.

  3. Unfortunately, I also have a fairly large share of WFC and the sharp decline in payouts hit a lot)) However, I hope that everything will recover soon. If not, then you will have to sell WFC shares ((