Thursday, March 26, 2020


With so much Variation in market ,i am buying shares from the dividends received ,No New Funds added other small capital to round of the shares.IT almost looks like i buy and the price goes down more.

Run Date Symbol Security Description Quantity Price ($)
 03/26/2020  BA  BOEING CO COM USD5.00 0.682 175.89
 03/25/2020  DFS  DISCOVER FINL SVCS 0.261 38.73
 03/25/2020  DFS  DISCOVER FINL SVCS 1 38.57
 03/20/2020  MO  ALTRIA GROUP INC 0.296 35.03
 03/20/2020  MO  ALTRIA GROUP INC 1 35.02
 03/20/2020  PRU  PRUDENTIAL FINL INC 0.175 43.91
 03/20/2020  PRU  PRUDENTIAL FINL INC 1 43.91
 03/16/2020  WFC  WELLS FARGO CO NEW COM 0.851 27.78

03/25/2020  10:43:57Bought 3 VTR @ 27.46
03/23/2020  09:51:24Bought 1 T @ 26.73


  1. Nice buys! I'm loving the commission free trades too. Hoping that Schwab follows Fidelity's lead and offers fractional share trading like they promised a few months ago.

    The VTR purchase is great and will be especially nice if VTR can afford to keep up its dividend. At the moment, they are at 10.4% dividend and payout of only 23.55%. Who knows, maybe they'll be able to keep it as is? If not, the stock price drop if they lower their dividend may be a good chance to get a few more shares at even more of a discount.


  2. Yes,it looks like the stock price for VTR went down some more recently. Even robinhood has fractional shares and they just enabled it for me today.

  3. Fresh capital or reinvestment... it's still adding to that dividend snowball during these wild times.