Thursday, April 29, 2021

2021 Q1 Review

 Finally After a long time i am reviewing my Q1 performance.

Net worth Increased by 8%,which is good.

For 2021 Q1 i received over 2300 in dividends  compared to over 2100 fore 2020 Q1.Last few years the growth  in dividends in slow. Most of the funds are going in non dividend paying funds . This year dividend Goal is 11k,i am 21% of the goal which is  little lower than where i want to stay for this quarter.

One New position RKT paid dividends this quarter compared to last year.

Even this quarter i am slow in adding stock positions or funds to account. I still have some $ left to finish 2021 IRA .

Another Achievement this quarter was we got both does of vaccine  and so far it s good.

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