Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Passive income -Regions Bank Bonus-$400

Earlier this year when I moved to STL to dallas,

I needed new bank account as my old account is from PNC Bank  and they don't have branches in Dallas.

Luckily there was promotion for regions bank ,if you open a bank account and follow these rules

  1. Open a new LifeGreen Checking Account by January 31, 2017 (New Checking Customers Only)

    • Use promo code 400MC3 during registration

  2. Make 10 Purchases w/ the Regions VISA Checkcard

    • Purchases must post within 60 days of account opening

  3. Enroll in Online Statement through Online Banking

    • Must enroll within 60 days of account opening

  4. Receive $400 Regions Bank Credit to your Regions account.

I did the deal and finally the bank bonus posted.

Normally I try to take advantage of these deals if they work out for me.

Even the PNC account in STL paid 300 to open account.

So DGI members do you take advantage of these offers,if so what was the best one.


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