Friday, October 20, 2017

Buys and Dividend Hike -CVS,PABGX


These are purchases in my retirement account and taxable account.

401K Buys

VFIAX:  .99  Shares at $236.62 will add close to 4 dollars in dividend

PABGX: 0.83  share @93.95 will add close to 40 cents in dividend.

VIMAX: 0.4233 Shares @ 184.54 will add around 1 dollars in dividends.

VSIAX:  2.81 shares @ 55.42  will add another $ 2.5 in dividends.

VTMGX: 16.55 shares @14.16 will add another $6 in  dividends.

A total of 750 dollars was invested this  period in 401K and additional 200 in robinhood.

Also Added small position in CVS  ,3 shares at $75.08 .This will add another  $6 to my annual fund.

Visa increased their dividend and this add another 3 dollars in dividend for my annual fund.This is like investing close to $160 in VTMGX.

This will add a total of $23 to my annual Fund.


  1. Hi there DesiDividend. I think you made some nice purchases. I also bought some more CVS yesterday. Keep it up! 🙂
    – SD

  2. Keep pumping up that Vanguard account Desi! Very nice set of purchases and I cannot WAIT till December to see those Capital Gains distributions. Way to sneak in a few shares of CVX as well.


  3. Was waiting for the CVS for few days

  4. Thanks,yes waiting for another dip to buy again.