Thursday, April 5, 2018

March Dividend Income

Its almost 5 days after the month end. Time to report the dividends received in march .I received dividends from 35 companies.Since this year i started reporting combined dividends from retirement accounts also.

There was some buys happened in this month Also.

Here are the following Companies that paid dividend to me.

Total Dividend Received for this Month are $1066.65
VTR Which paid me in 2017 March now pushed to April.

so how did you guys do this month.
We should see some big numbers this month from everyone in DGI Community.


  1. That's a sweet month netting you over 1k in income! How does it compare against March last year or do you not have a comparison because you weren't tracking retirement accounts back then?

  2. I was tracking it was around 870 or so.