Tuesday, January 8, 2019

December 2018 Dividends

Wow ,2018 is in Books. These are the dividends i received in all my accounts. December is my biggest month for dividends. I received over $1900 in dividends for this month. This is a new record for me ,June 2018 was my earlier record.

  • Q4 2018 i received $2464.89 in dividends compared to Q4 2017 when i received $2225 ,an 10% increase.

  • I received over 8000 for 2018  and $25K in dividends since i started on this journey.

december 2018


Quite a few companies paid me ,with biggest coming from RERGX  over 770 dollars.

Monthly dividends comparison for last 5 years.


all dividends

I need to start improving my non quarter ending months.

From the early numbers seen across the blogs ,December is turning out to be big month for our bloggers.




  1. Looking very good here! Those are becoming quite decent numbers and the upward trend is great to see, well done!

  2. What a strong month, congrats! I like the dividend contributors in your portfolio, good plattform for further growth. Keep it up.

  3. Nice over $6 from visa LOL. You kicked some rear end this month and realyy brought some dividends home. 10 percent YOY rocks. we shared 7 stocks this month. keep it up

  4. Thanks ,Yep Visa is one of the lowest paying one. I will add more visa sometime