Friday, May 31, 2019

5/31 Purchase---WFC,GILD

On the last day of the month i added  3 shares of WFC and  16 Shares of GILD  to average down a price from $79  to $70. GILD was added in my roth IRA.It has been long time since i added WFC.

These 2 Purchases will add another $45.72 in my account.

Side note: I won a sweepstakes entry for 2 tickets to  universal studios Hollywood.Recently started playing coke cola sweepstakes .



  1. Desi -

    Keep stacking those dividends!


  2. It seems Market is presenting chances

  3. Those are some nice additions to your portfolio and a solid add to your annual dividend income. I too hold shares of WFC but haven't seen the price drop below my cost basis yet. If it does it will definitely be in strong consideration for me to build on to my position. Keep building that snowball!

  4. it was right below my average price ,so added few.