Saturday, June 29, 2019

Q2 Final Buy--ABBV

On the last day of the quarter i added ABBV,i was watching it for last few weeks was going to add at 75 and decided to wait and with the purchase of Allergan the share price collapsed .I was itching to buy on that day and decided to see if it would go any more lower ,But it trended up and decided to add 15 shares at 71.45  with a commission of 4.95

This would bring  my total ABBV Shares to 37 and reduced my average price to 77. This would add another $60 to my account.




  1. At least you didin't add before the acquisition, right?? haha Interested to learn about the new company and dive more into the financials. Hopefully the Debt-to-Equity ratio isn't too far out of whack.


  2. […] 1 New position initiated in my accounts  ABBV,Added 22 shares on April 20th. and Second batch of shares added on June 28th . […]