Thursday, July 27, 2017


As mentioned in the title,I bought 6 shares of NNN ,it was bought by dividend capital .No new capital was invested .They recently announced a raise of 4.4% and the ex dividend date is on July 31st.This might be the last buy for the month of July unless something pops up.

6 shares @40.23 +4.95 in commission.

This will add $11.4 in my annual fund.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July Retirement Purchases

These are purchases in my retirement account .

401K Buys

VFIAX: 1.0251 Shares at $228.62

PABGX: 0.873  share @89.4

VIMAX: 0.432 Shares @ 180.3

VSIAX:  2.9 shares @ 53.81

VTMGX: 17.27 shares @13.57


A total of 780 dollars was invested this  period,it will be the same next period.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Recent Buy -GWW

After the results were announced ,GWW went down more than 7% ,i was looking to average down the shares from my high price of 185/share.With that said i added 40 shares at different prices yesterday.Maybe i should have waited little more,could have gotten better price.

  • 7/19/2017   Bought 25 GWW @ $169.914 $4,247.85

  • 7/19/2017 Bought 15 GWW @ $164.3856 $2,465.78

These are the same funds from selling the NVDA.This will add another $204 to annual dividend fund.With the new purchases my average came down to 177.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Recent Sell

Today i sold out my position in NVDA,which was initiated last month. From the time i brought it was not a stock that i was going to hold it for long time.I was hoping to hold till my Down-payment for the house.But i was not comfortable with volatility on the stock.

There were no Fees as i had 10 free trades from my broker.Total Profit was $141.37

Now i will keep it in watch list to see if there a price i would like to get back in.


Friday, July 14, 2017

Kroger friday freebie

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Exp 07/30/2017

Fundrise Dividend

I just received my Q2 Dividend This morning and i reinvested in the fundrise itself.

Total Dividend received this Quarter is $40.57 on 2000 Investment.

So Far Total dividends received from Fundrise since last June are $115.

The dividend is reinvested in the following eREITS.



If Anyone investing in fundrise,how are liking it so far.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Q2 Final Buys

As the title says these are the final buys for Q2.Some Drip Purchases and 401k Buys.

401K Buys

VFIAX: 1.05 Shares at $222.63

PABGX: 0.91 share @85.12

VIMAX: 0.44 Shares @ 175.29

VSIAX:  2.98 shares @ 52.35

VTMGX: 17.7 shares @13.18


Regular Account: Both these stocks are bought to average their price a bit down.

NVDABought 1 Shares of NVDA at $141.235


BTGBought 10 Shares of BTG at $2.775

so what are you guys Buying .