Wednesday, July 14, 2021

2021 June Options Report

One more month completed in my options  Journey. I received  $216 in premium income.

DateCallOption PremiumNotes
6/8/2021PLTR 06/11/2021 Call $285
6/4/2021SPCE 6/11/2021 Call $3951
6/8/2021SOS 06/18/2021 Call $76
11-JunSOS 06/18/2021 Call $68
11-JunPLTR 06/18/2021 Call $28.507
11-JunSPCE 6/18/2021 Call $4138called away
6/28/2021AMC 07/2/2021 Put $48.00101

This month my SPCE covered call got pulled away .I was writing options on this one for close to 16 months . I have earned close to $1100 in the SPCE options alone. This was my first options stock 
During Pandemic when the stock price was down ,I started writing options as a way to recover  my investment.

DateCallOption PremiumNotes
3/8/2021SPCE 03/19/2021 Call $37.0048
3/3/2021SPCE 03/05/2021 Call $40.0018
3/22/2021SPCE 4/01/2021 Call $39.0047
4/5/2021SPCE 4/09/2021 Call $34.0018
1/14/2021SPCE 01/22/2021 Call $45.0029
1/25/2021SPCE 01/29/2021 Call $50.0035
2/1/2021SPCE 02/5/2021 Call $67.00110
2/8/2021SPCE 02/12/2021 Call $67.0082
4/13/2021SPCE 4/16/2021 Call $30.0015
4/21/2021SPCE 4/30/2021 Call $30.0025
2/22/2021SPCE 02/19/2021 Call $60.0042
5/24/2021SPCE 5/28/2021 Call $29.541
5/28/2021SPCE 5/28/2021 Call $29.5-180Bought Back
5/28/2021SPCE 6/4/2021 Call $4139
6/4/2021SPCE 6/11/2021 Call $3951
11-JunSPCE 6/18/2021 Call $4138called away
2/20/2020SPCE 2/28/2020 Call $58340
3/26/2020SPCE 4/17/2020 Call $4315
4/20/2020SPCE 5/8/2020 Call $35 43
5/22/2020SPCE 5/29/2020 CALL $303
6/1/2020SPCE 6/12/2020 CALL $357
6/22/2020SPCE 6/26/2020 CALL $356
7/9/2020SPCE  7/17/2020 CALL $3414
7/16/2020SPCE 7/24/2020 CALL $3514
7/22/2020SPCE 7/31/2020 CALL $3553
8/3/2020SPCE 8/10/2020 CALL $3339
8/31/2020SPCE 9/11/2020 CALL $276
9/28/2020SPCE 10/16/2020 CALL $3513
10/20/2020SPCE 10/30/2020 CALL $3035
11/9/2020SPCE 11/17/2020 CALL $3514
12/1/2020SPCE 12/11/2020 CALL $3828
12/14/2020SPCE 12/24/2020 CALL $3924

Overall not a bad deal Made close to 300 in profits and 1100 in options income.

So far i received following income each  month in options


Its getting little tough find deals. 

Thursday, July 8, 2021

2021 June Dividend Report

 Q2 Completed and now i am ready with another monthly dividend report. This one surprised me as  one of my funds payed me a huge dividend.  This month i received total dividends of $2250.84,Big reason  for  this is payment from RERGX, last year  and this quarter they paid negligible dividends .Another reason for my confusion is  RERGX split the payment as capital gain, but most websites are reporting as dividend.

Comparing with 2020 June  this is a big gain due to Rergx,but we had other increases in dividend payees.


Comparing to 2020 June  i had 3 dividend reductions  with WFC being big cut of $45.

2021 Dividend Goal: With the unexpected payment from RERGX, I am at 50.5% of my goal of 11k.For month of July special dividend payment from Trow should also help.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Recent Buy BMY

 Few weeks ago initiated a position in BMY, and  added some more shares to it recently. This  Brought me to closer to 50 shares .

This will add another $33.32 in dividends.

Monday, June 21, 2021

2021 Expired May Options

 May Month was very eventful  for options  for me.

I received $154 in options income . This month i had 2 AMC Calls pulled away and 1 AMC put assigned and I had to buy back one of my Call Back at  loss.

DateCallOption PremiumNotes
5/3/2021PLTR 05/14/2021 Call $2540
5/3/2021AMC 05/14/2021 Call $1234Called Away
5/3/2021T 05/14/2021 Call $32.507
5/17/2021AMC 05/21/2021 Put $13.00108
5/17/2021PLTR 05/28/2021 Call $256
5/5/2021SOS 05/21/2021 Call $6.0010
5/24/2021AMC 05/28/2021 Call $14.5035called Away
5/24/2021SPCE 5/28/2021 Call $29.541
5/24/2021T 05/28/2021 Call $314
5/28/2021SPCE 5/28/2021 Call $29.5-180Bought Back
5/28/2021SPCE 6/4/2021 Call $4139
5/28/2021SOS 06/11/2021 Call $5.510

Total Options income received this Year is 1449.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Recent Buy -GD,BMY & SELL- AMC

 Earlier this year I took a speculative position  in AMC  ,was expecting a similar ride like GME and in last two weeks it came to fruition .

I sold 55% of my AMC Position to grab my Regular dividend Paying stocks. 

With the profits  and capital from that sale I invested in BMY a new position in my account and added 3.78 shares of GD to bring that position close to 25 shares.

These new purchases will add another $86 to my account and i invested around $3k for a yield of 2.9%.


Monday, June 7, 2021

2021 May Dividend Report.

 Month 5 is in  Books and this month i received more than $500  in dividends.

T is one of the bigger payer and coming close second  is AAPL.

This may change as T announced some changes  starting early next year.

This year May dividends are less than 2020. Due to changes  in my portfolio that i made last year.

I sold out RY/BMO  position and re-added small RY position . GD position increased.

2021 Dividend Goal: Total dividends received  so far in 2021 are close to 3300 and its like 30% of my goal of 11k for this year.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

AMC covered call Option.

 As mentioned in other post i was assigned  AMC put at effective price of $11.92 after deducting premium. and I immediately sold a covered call for  for $14.5 when the AMC share price was $12 something . If you have seen my Monthly options posts I have been playing AMC weekly.

Finally as seen by everyone  my AMC call got called away after huge price increase in AMC. I was thinking of buying Back at some point but then it became too much like 2k to buy back my option. I let it go as i already Bought SPCE call back for $180.

So with small gain and after collecting premiums on Both calls i  made close $293.