Thursday, May 27, 2021

AMC put Assignment

 Last week i sold a AMC put for $13 for $108. As my earlier AMC call got called  away.

I was hoping the put wouldn't  execute and pocket  $108.

AMC closed at  the end of Friday  at $12.08. This is already better than my break even price  of 11.92 .

I Already sold a covered call for  this week  and it will be called away due to huge price rise in AMC stock.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

2021 April Expired Options

 Here are my expired options for the month of April.

I have been mostly selling covered calls on AMC,PLTR,SPCE .

This month for the first time i added GSAT. 

This month i collected $274 .

DateCallOption Premium
4/5/2021SPCE 4/09/2021 Call $34.0018
4/5/2021AMC 04/16/2021 CALL $1337
4/7/2021SOS 04/9/2021 Call $9.5015
4/13/2021SPCE 4/16/2021 Call $30.0015
4/12/2021PLTR 04/16/2021 Call $2724
4/14/2021SOS 04/23/2021 Call $8.5010
4/20/2021AMC 04/30/2021 Call $12.5020
4/20/2021SOS 04/30/2021 Call $6.0010
4/21/2021PLTR 04/30/2021 Call $25.510
4/21/2021SPCE 4/30/2021 Call $30.0025
4/27/2021GSAT 5/21/2021 Call $1.5903 calls

Monthly Income from selling options so far in 2021 is 1379.


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Dividend Increases --AAPL,DE,CVX,PG,JNJ

 I had some nice dividend increases in  the last 2  months in my positions.

DE,JNJ and AAPL gave me nice increases  with the latest dividend hikes. These new dividend hikes added $73 to my annual dividend fund. One position i like to increase is JNJ .


Total Dividend increases received this Year so far are $152.

So far this year it has been in finding decently  valued to add to my account.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

2021 April Dividend Income report

 April Month is  done and  time is flying very quickly .This month 19 companies paid me dividends and compared to last year  2 new companies paid dividends and  they are CINF and JPM.

Total Dividends received this month are $446.87 Compared to 2020 its almost like no gain.

As seen from the tables below they are some cuts that happened in my account and not fully returned like FXAIX,NLY and CXW. CXW i sold the company  last year and dividend income is not completely replaced. VTR also i sold part of the position.

Dividend Reinvestment:

Since early this year some of the  dividends are  being Dripped. This  month following dividends are dripped.

2021 Dividends:  So far till April i have received 25.3%  of my goal (11K Dividends),same time last year i was at 22%,so this year its progressing at better rate.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

2021 Q1 Review

 Finally After a long time i am reviewing my Q1 performance.

Net worth Increased by 8%,which is good.

For 2021 Q1 i received over 2300 in dividends  compared to over 2100 fore 2020 Q1.Last few years the growth  in dividends in slow. Most of the funds are going in non dividend paying funds . This year dividend Goal is 11k,i am 21% of the goal which is  little lower than where i want to stay for this quarter.

One New position RKT paid dividends this quarter compared to last year.

Even this quarter i am slow in adding stock positions or funds to account. I still have some $ left to finish 2021 IRA .

Another Achievement this quarter was we got both does of vaccine  and so far it s good.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

2021 Expired March Options

 Since start of this year, I have started selling covered calls on my existing position and cash secured puts on stocks I was interested s and most of them are non dividend payers. Options Premiums collected for Month of March are $556.

DateOption Premium
3/2PLTR 03/05/2021 Call $31.008
3/2SOS 03/05/2021 Put $7.5070Assigned
3/12T 03/19/2021 Call $32.507
3/8SOS 03/19/2021 Call $11.5030
3/8SPCE 03/19/2021 Call $37.0048
3/8SOS 03/12/2021 Call $9.0023
3/8PLTR 03/12/2021 Call $28.5015
3/8AMC 03/12/2021 Put $8.0058
3/3SPCE 03/05/2021 Call $40.0018
3/15SOS 03/19/2021 Call $14.0030
3/1AMC 03/05/2021 Put $8.0063
3/12AMC 03/19/2021 Put $10.5036
3/22SPCE 4/01/2021 Call $39.0047
3/22AMC 03/26/2021 Put $11.0040Assigned
3/22PLTR 03/26/2021 Call $2711
3/29AMC 04/1/2021 CALL $12.5024
3/29SOS 04/9/2021 Call $10.5010
3/31PLTR 04/09/2021 Call $2518

NowA o

ut of all these options I got 2 of them assigned. One  of them is SOS which is bitcoin company. 

After it was assigned ,I started writing covered calls ,so far i wrote 2 covered calls collecting another $60.

I paid $750 for 100 shares and premium collected so far is $130. As of 4/11 SOS is trading at $5.25 , so trade is still negative ,down another $95.

Another Put i got assigned is AMC. Here are the trade details.

As of 4/11 AMC is trading @ 9.42 and this trade is still in profit, I collected $221 in premiums.

Monthly Options Income: So far i collected $1105 in premiums.

MonthPremiums Collected.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

2021 March Dividend Report

March is also in Books and with that Q1 is completed. I have received $1506 in Dividends. This is like receiving $48 in dividends every day of march.  This is all time high for Month of the March. Some of the payers added in last few months are showing the impact. 
Some of my Biggest Payers this month is BBL,DFS,MMM,JNJ. 

Compared to my 2020 March, this has grown 27%. Overall 2021 Q1 is up 17% compared to 2020 Q1.

2021 Goal:  With this month Dividends I am  at 21% of the goal  of 11k in dividends this year.

 Personal News: Got both the doses of vaccine and i am another week for post 3 weeks completion of Vaccine . Personally didn't have much side affects or pain except on the day of vaccine.