Thursday, March 11, 2021

2021 February Dividend Income Report.

  Month 2 of 2021 is already in books . I received $485 in dividends this month .

 Compared to  previous year its good growth ,I removed  my 2020 sbux payment  for comparison.

Went from  less than $100 in total dividends in 2015 to now i have a company paying me$100 in dividends. AAPL with some dividend increases can start paying me in $100 in dividends.

 Compared to last year  some new positions initiated are  AMP,RY,JPM. WRK and AGNC reduced dividend Payout and the impact is small .

2021 Goal.: This year i am continuing my Goal of 11K in dividends. So Far i Collected $838 for 2 months which is like 7%  of the Goal.

Monday, March 1, 2021

February Options income.

 In the month of February i secured $485 in options income. This has been mostly on two stocks. One  is  SPCE ,which i own and have been writing covered calls since last year and Other stock i am writing cash secured puts for last few weeks.

Date Options Premium

16-Feb SPCE $60 Call 2/19 sell 42

16-Feb AMC $5 PUT 2/19 Sell 8

22-Feb SPCE $60 Call 2/26 sell 53

24-Feb AMC $8 PUT 2/26 Sell 65

1-Feb SPCE $67 Call 2/5 sell 110

3-Feb AMC $6 PUT 2/5 Sell 39

5-Feb AMC $5.5 PUT 2/12 Sell 63

8-Feb SPCE $67 Call 2/12 sell 82

8-Feb AMC $6 PUT 2/5 Sell 23

This Year My options premium collected.

January 2021 :   $64

February 2021 : $485 

Bitcoin,Litecoin Purchases

 Recently I started to add some bitcoin purchases in my Account .Having Bitcoin in Robinhood  made it easier to purchase, some of my earlier purchases back in 2018 were done in Coinbase and at that time Coinbase allowed purchases to made using credit cards. Now it can be done but it will be coded as cash advance.

Bitcoin Purchases


Currently they are small positions, I am still going to buy my regular Dividend Stocks ,Now i am  investing some amounts in Growth stocks with no dividends or some as speculative plays. Most of the dividends are set for Drip.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

2021 Dividend Increases

In 2021 9 companies in my portfolio announced dividend increases. These increases added Another $78 in dividends. Trow is the Biggest contributor for the growth. CINF,ED  were  added Last year to my portfolio during the pandemic. This is  like investing another $1k in T  stock.

This will help me with my Dividend Goal of 11k this year.

Monday, February 8, 2021

2021 Options SPCE,AMC.

 Since last year I have slowly started writing covered calls  on some my stocks. This helped recover some of the capital on SPCE which was in big loss. Then This year I sold my first PUTS.

So Far they have worked out in my favor with me collecting just premiums.

So Far this year i have collected around $381 in options income.

For 2020 I collected $804 in options income .

Friday, February 5, 2021

2021 January Dividend Report

 2021 Already began and one month Gone. Slowly Life returning to normality and its  time for one more dividend report. After many  reports of  income increase reports ,this one will be a decrease compared to last January report. This month i received $355 .85 in dividends which is $15 less than Jan 2020 income. One new Name in Jan 2021 report compared to 2020 is CINF.

Dividends Cut: Dividend Cuts  from last year  are still  big impact on this month report ,as you can see  it reduced my dividends by $70. Hoping to see if DIS will resume their dividends some time this year.

Dividend/Options Income : This Year i would like to keep my Goal of 2020 of 11k and will see if i can  achieve the Goal. I Started doing  covered calls last year and it brought be me some income, I didn't include that one dividends. 

I will be adding some funds and buying some  stocks ,but i am hoping to get closer  to 11k goal  either with dividend increases or  401k buys that happen twice a month.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Dividend Buys

 This month has ben slow  for Dividend Purchases and these are the following Purchases made by me.

 All of them are my  existing positions and slowly adding them.

BA is currently the non dividend Payee ,But I have been adding and averaging down my average. Initially it was 398 and now I got it down to 244.

Dividend Buys are total of $460 and this will add another $15 to my dividends.